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Let there be light!

Are you living out your office days in a fluorescent lit cubicle? Feeling the 8 hour eye strain inflicted by your computer monitor? Well there is light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended)! Let these few lighting tips brighten up your workspace for the better: Find that natural light! Shuffle things around and […]

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Ergonomic Blog

Ergonomic Ideals

We don’t all have a generous budget to spend on the ideal ergonomic chair – so here are a few quick fixes to correct your workplace seating, to improve comfort and prevent unnecessary pain: Correct your posture The basics, sit up straight with your shoulders back, spine straight and your neck in a comfortable position. Some sources […]

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Green Workspace Blog

Green Workspace

Green work spaces mean more than just separating your rubbish and recycling! There are a variety of ways you can look to do this in your office, so here are a few of our suggestions: Support local business BFG are proud supporters of a variety of local businesses, and we work closely with our suppliers […]

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