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Let there be light!

Are you living out your office days in a fluorescent lit cubicle? Feeling the 8 hour eye strain inflicted by your computer monitor? Well there is light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended)! Let these few lighting tips brighten up your workspace for the better: Find that natural light! Shuffle things around and […]

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Workplace Fabric

The Fabric of your Environment

Incorporating elements of texture into your office space can transform it from cold and rigid, to warm and comfortable! Regardless of whether your workplace encourages customer visits and interactions, having a decent place for people to sit is important! Soft seating in collaborative spaces can turn a formalised meeting into an environment where everyone feels […]

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Positive Workspace, Positive Staff!

A positive workspace is all about balance. An employee’s physical environment can have a big impact on productivity and the ability for colleagues to work cohesively. A variety of factors come into play, such as: Do they have adequate personal space? How does the noise level fair? Is there sufficient lighting from windows or overhead? […]

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