The Fabric of your Environment

Workplace Fabric

Incorporating elements of texture into your office space can transform it from cold and rigid, to warm and comfortable! Regardless of whether your workplace encourages customer visits and interactions, having a decent place for people to sit is important!

Soft seating in collaborative spaces can turn a formalised meeting into an environment where everyone feels relaxed and ready to contribute ideas! It is also a fantastic way to add colour into an office or reception area – and utilise company colours and branding. Many visitor chair options can accommodate fabric seat pads onto a moulded base. There are also a range of products on the market that will allow you to brighten up a workspace with textural fabric wall features and acoustic panels with multidimensional effects. Bringing a little bit of home comforts into an office environment does wonders for moral!

But fabric doesn’t have to mean difficult to clean or harbouring bacteria! Crypton is a common choice for the hospitality and healthcare industries. It is 100% recycled polyester and provides a permanent moisture barrier. It also provides stain resistance, odour control and microbial protection.

There are a multitude of options when considering applying soft furnishing elements into your workspace. So make comfort a priority and apply fabric elements as a key part in your next office revamp!

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